Times of Service

Sunday AM

Sunday School 9:30

Main Service 10:30

Escuela Dominical 9:30

Servicio en Espaņol 10:30

Sunday PM

Main Service 6:00

Servicio en Espaņol 6:00


Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM

Teen Bible Study 7:00 PM

Patch Club 7:00 PM


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25Penny Offering


Men's Prayer Breakfast

2 Lord's Supper AM
2 Bro. Travis Mederios- Missionary to Hawaii
2 Patriotic Fellowship after PM Service
10Deacons Meeting
10 Ladies' Bible Study
12 Business Meeting
15 Bus Meeting
18 Senior Luncheon


Teacher's Meeting


Penny Offering


Men's Prayer Breakfast

6 Lord's Supper AM
11 Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission
14Deacons Meeting
14 Ladies' Bible Study
16 Business Meeting
19 Bus Meeting
22 Senior Luncheon


Penny Offering

29Missions Conference Planning Meeting


Men's Prayer Breakfast

3 Lord's Supper PM
4 Labor Day
10Happy Grandparent's Day
11Deacons Meeting
11 Ladies' Bible Study
13 Business Meeting
16 Bus Meeting
19 Senior Luncheon
19Teachers Meeting


Penny Offering

1 Lord's Supper PM
1 Penny Offering
7Men's Prayer Breakfast
8Penny Offering
9Deacons Meeting
9 Ladies' Bible Study
11 Business Meeting
13Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission
15Penny Offering
17 Senior Luncheon
21Bus Meeting
22Penny offering
28International Dinner

29-Nov. 2

Missions Conference